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Cruise ID Ocean Region PIssort icon Year
none 75 Arctic Mohns Ridge R. Pedersen, I.H. Thorseth 2005
TUIM06MV S. Pacific N EPR Vrijenhoek 2005
POS-326 Arctic C. Devey 2005
AT11-31 N. Pacific JdF Ridge Lilley, M.; Booksh; Holloway; Seyfried; Ding 2005
Easter Microplate Expedition S. Pacific Pacific-Antarctic Ridge Vrijenhoek, R, Van Dover, CL 2005
VISIONS'05 N. Pacific JdF Ridge Delaney, J.; Kelley, D. 2005
needID N. Pacific JdF Ridge Delaney, J.; Becker, K.; Davis 2004
AT11-13 N. Pacific JdF Ridge Kelley, D.; Brown; Hilton 2004
needID N. Pacific JdF Ridge DeLong, E. 2004
KM 0417 S. Pacific Lau Basin Langmuir, C.; German, C.; Edmonds; Yoerger, D. 2004
Meteor M62/5 S. Atlantic S MAR Devey, C, Lackschewitz, KS 2004
DANA06RR N. Pacific N EPR Constable, S. 2004
M62/5 S. Atlantic S MAR Devey, C.; Lackschewitz, K. 2004
PIRATES-II, AT11-10 N. Pacific S EPR Lutz, R.; Tolstoy, M. 2004
KM0410 S. Pacific Lau Basin Martinez, F.; Appelgate, B.; Resing, J.; Taylor, B. 2004
AT11-20 N. Pacific N EPR Lilley, M.; Booksh 2004
CD 167 N. Atlantic N MAR Dzhatieva, Z, Sinha, M, and Santos, FAM 2004
COTROVE-2004, SS06/2004 S. Pacific New Hebrides back-arc Arculus, R. 2004
BIOSPEEDO S. Pacific S EPR Didier JOLLIVET, Francois LALLIER 2004
AT11-21 EXTREME 2004 N. Pacific N EPR Cary, C.; Cavenaugh, C. 2004
WF2983 N. Pacific JdF Ridge Gill, J.; McGill, P.; Stakes, D. 2004
WF2979 N. Pacific JdF Ridge McGill; Wilcock 2004
NoToVE-2004, SS11/2004 S. Pacific Lau Basin Arculus, R. 2004
AT11-07 N. Pacific N EPR Schouten, H.; Fornari, D.; Seyfried, W.; Tivey, M. 2004
YK04-09 Leg 1 S. Pacific Lau Basin Takai, K.; Ishibashi, J. 2004
NZAPLUME III, TAN 04-10 S. Pacific Kermadec Arc de Ronde, C; Wright, I 2004
M62-4 S. Atlantic S MAR T.J. Reston 2004
YK04-09 Leg 2 S. Pacific Lau Basin Kojima, S.; Yamaguchi, T. 2004
PACANTARCTIC 2 Southern Pacific-Antarctic Ridge Dosso, L.; Ondreas, H. 2004
PIRATES-I, AT11-09 N. Pacific N EPR Von Damm, K. 2004