InterRidge Cruise Database

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Cruise ID Ocean Region PIs Year
ILAB-SPARC N. Atlantic Satish Singh 2018
Mid-Atlantic Ridge, Lost City N. Atlantic Susan Lang 2018
Gulf of California, Guaymas Basin N. Pacific Andrea Teske 2018
Mid-Atlantic Ridge, 14°N N. Atlantic Mark Kurz 2018
Juan de Fuca Ridge, Axial Volcano Deb Kelley 2018
TRANSECT N. Atlantic N MAR Nadine Le Bris 2018
EPR near 8°20’N - off-axis seamounts N. Pacific N EPR Patricia Gregg 2018
Juan de Fuca Ridge, Axial Volcano N. Pacific Scott Nooner 2018
Juan de Fuca Ridge N. Pacific Meg Tivey 2018
Cocos-Nazca Rift Cruise N. Pacific Cocos-Nazca Rift Emily Klein & Hans Schouten 2018
Hermine N. Atlantic N MAR Fouquet Y. 2017
Momarsat N. Atlantic MAR Lucky Strike Cannat M. & Sarradin P.M. 2017
Ohassisbio Indian Royer J.Y. 2017
Magofond 4 Leg 1 Indian Mozambique Basin Dyment J. 2017
Magofond 4 Leg 2 Indian SWIR & Enderby Basin Dyment J. 2017
Revillagigedo Archipelago N. Pacific Steve Carey 2017
Pescadero Basin N. Pacific Anna Michel 2017
Mapping Revillagigedo Archipelago N. Pacific Nicole Raineault 2017
Nanoparticles N. Pacific George Luther 2017
OOI-Cabled Array Operations and Maintenance Deb Kelley 2017
in situ rates N. Pacific Stefan Sievert 2017
Gulf of California N. Pacific Adam Soule 2017
North Pond 2016 N. Atlantic Geoffrey Wheat 2017
Rio Grande Rise S. Atlantic Anthony Koppers 2017
Pito Deep Gabbros S. Pacific Michael Cheadle 2017
Constraints on Interseismic Deformation Offshore Oregon from Calibrated Continuous Pressure Records N. Pacific William Wilcock 2017
Post-eruption reinflation at Axial Seamount N. Pacific Bill Chadwick 2017
Northeast Lau Basin Southern Ken Rubin 2017
ROVSMOOTH Indian SWIR Mathilde Cannat 2016
Chemical sensor - 2016 N. Pacific Kang Ding 2016